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At Fence Right, we know that fencing is crucial for the success and security of your agricultural operations. Whether you own a modest family farm or manage extensive agricultural lands, our dependable fencing solutions keep your livestock contained and your boundaries secure. We pride ourselves on delivering expert farm fencing services in Barrie. Get in touch for a personalized estimate today.

Advantages of quality fencing on your farm

Proper fencing is essential for defining your farm’s perimeters and brings numerous benefits, including:

  • Protection of Property: Our fences act as a deterrent against encroachment from neighboring lands.
  • Livestock Management: Incorporate a farm gate with your fence to facilitate animal movement without the risk of them straying.
  • Trespass Prevention: A well-fenced area is less inviting to potential intruders, safeguarding your crops and livestock.
  • Crop Organization: Fences help in the systematic arrangement and protection of various crop zones.


In addition to specialized farm fencing, Fence Right also offers tailored solutions for commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Count on us for enhancing privacy and securing your assets with a sturdy, long-lasting fence.

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Choosing the right farm fence

Unsure about the best fence for your farm? Fence Right can guide you through the options suited for various applications:

  • Field Fencing: Ideal for containing larger animals like horses or cattle, field fences are crafted from galvanized steel wires and are available with fixed or hinge knots for enhanced strength.
  • Barbed Wire Fencing: Effective for gentler animals, this fencing type discourages animals from contact with sharp, evenly spaced barbs, preventing escape.
  • High Tensile Wire Fencing: Known for its high carbon content and minimal elongation, this option allows for fewer posts and greater spacing, making it a practical choice for extensive areas.

Why Choose Fence Right For your Farm?

Fence Right brings over 25 years of expertise to your farm fencing projects. We’re renowned for our reliability and the high quality of our installations across Simcoe and surrounding regions.

Our team ensures that every fence installation is executed with precision—posts are securely placed and spaced for optimal effectiveness in livestock containment.

Why Farmers perfer wire fencing?

Farmers prioritize the safety of their land and livestock, making wire farm fencing a popular choice due to its durability, manageability, and cost-effectiveness.

Steel wire fences are particularly preferred for their resilience and versatility.

However, selecting the appropriate wire fence type is crucial to maximize its benefits and ensure it suits your specific farming needs.

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